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Pattison Group Opportunities (or Pattison GO) has been an integral part of The Jim Pattison Group of Companies for over 30 years. Originally founded to create synergies and efficiencies across The Jim Pattison Group of Companies globally, Pattison GO has expanded over the years, becoming the data, digital and media center of excellence for all 30+ divisions that make up The Jim Pattison Group, as-well-as many leading brands across North America.

With proprietary data, combined with unique methods of acquiring media, Pattison GO delivers exclusive, premium and innovative advertising solutions that drive measurable value for our clients.

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The Jim Pattison Group

Based in Vancouver, Canada, The Jim Pattison Group is a diversified holding company with operations in over 100 countries worldwide. The Jim Pattison Group is made up of a number of strong and diverse operating divisions, which span the automotive, advertising and media, food and beverage, entertainment, exporting, real estate, and distribution industries.

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We help our clients become more efficient.

We give our clients a competitive advantage by optimizing their inventory, while concurrently executing a more effective advertising spend.

Marketing & Media

Pattison GO delivers exclusive and premium marketing solutions that drive results, save costs and create more efficiency across the enterprise

Traditional Media

– TV, Radio, Print, Out-of-Home

Performance Digital

– Display, Social, Search and Video

Content Marketing

– Influencer, Content and Native Advertising

Emerging Media

– Connected TV, Programmatic Audio, Voice Search


– Sports, Cultural, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Philanthropic

Loyalty Network and Platforms

Pattison GO synergizes a network of 50K+ employees and 30+ operating divisions, creating international opportunities for our client’s business.

Employee Networks

– Access to The Jim Pattison Group 50,000+ employee network via Pattison GO's exclusive Concierge Services program

Corporate Networks

– Access to The Jim Pattison Group's 30+ Operating Divisions globally

International Asset Exchange Platforms

– Access dozens of export markets worldwide through Pattison GO's International asset exchange platform

Inventory Optimization

Pattison GO helps clients become more efficient by creating a powerful currency from unsold products, funding key client investments, opening up new export markets, and bringing new customers into our clients’ sphere of influence.

Asset Exchange

– Create value through exchanging unsold inventory for premium media

New Markets

– Export products to new markets and at higher values vs traditional sales channels

Market Share Growth

– Bring new customers into the fold through The Jim Pattison Group exclusive employee and loyalty programs

Inventory Optimization

– Receive wholesale-retail value for unsold/distressed inventory

Data and Platforms

Pattison GO excels in all aspects of data, platforms, and omni-channel media activation. With a deep understanding of consumer behaviour, Pattison GO intersects the connection points between data, analytics and media to deliver bottom-line results for our clients.

Automation Platforms and Technology

– Custom Data and Programmatic Solutions

Data and Analytics

– Data Analysis, Integration and Activation

Offices & Contacts

Corporate Office

1067 W Cordova St.
Suite 1800
Vancouver, B.C.
V6C 1C7

Digital Office

856 Homer St.
Suite 200
Vancouver, B.C.
V6B 2W5